Continuous Improvement, Technological Innovation, Total Quality, Safety and Environment, Customer Satisfaction

Since 2017, Altameccanica Srl has been dealing with Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electrical, Electronic maintenance and PLC programming of the Hubs of some of the largest logistics companies in the world. Over the years, our company has grown in terms of skills, technological innovation, but above all in human terms, thanks to our employees’ passion and spirit of sacrifice.

Altameccanica Srl has skilfully combined the Traditional Spirit with the Innovative one by constantly searching for new technological solutions studied with our Customers; we have thus managed to achieve excellent Quality and Safety standards that today represent our distinctive brand on the national market.

The strengths of Altameccanica Srl can be summarised as follows:

  • Enhancement of Human Resources understood as an irreplaceable precious corporate capital and of vital importance for the qualitative and quantitative growth of the entire structure;
  • Constant investments in new technologies and new materials are indispensable to always create new processes in order to satisfy customers;
  • The Quality-Environment-Safety trinomial essential elements for a modern company that always wants to reach new goals; the Quality of processing as a basic element to achieve Customer Satisfaction, respect and protection of the Environment to guarantee a future for new generations, and the Safety of personnel that has always been the pillar of our company organisation.

We work every day in synergy and in an integrated way with our customers so that we can fully understand their needs. In this way, we are able to develop cutting-edge technological solutions that allow us to meet our mission: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Our idea of progress is based on the concept of continuous improvement, which every day pushes us to improve our working techniques, our organisation, our structure and our relationship with our customers.

Over the years, Altameccanica has managed to achieve an excellent standard in first, second and third level preventive maintenance, maintenance on breakdown or improvement and predictive maintenance. In addition to carrying out the various types of maintenance (Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electrical, ELECTRONIC, PLC programming), we have developed a system for monitoring the preventive, predictive maintenance and the trend of breakdown with relative corrective action through the use of TPM sites. The presence of highly specialised personnel with many years of experience has enabled us to solve complex problems and provide adapted technological solutions to our customers.

We have a clear vision of our growth path linked to the awareness that work, and more generally the world, changes very quickly and sometimes in a totally unpredictable manner. To this end, we have founded our Structure on the following pillars: Customer Satisfaction, Integrated Safety, Technological Innovation, Human Resources Enhancement, Continuous Improvement, Total Quality, Sustainable Development.

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